Analogue Photography
Speaker Sculptures
Down Jacket
Photopaper in Epoxy
Trnava, Slowakia
GKL, Galéria Jána Koniarka
mukbang, my dear

The work series builds on bizarre fascination with the Korean phenomenon of mukbang videos. Novak has transformed her special love–hate relationship with the visual form of videos and ASMR sounds that get right under the skin, into an exhibition setting where she connects deliberately appropriated material with her own archive. In collages, she combines medium-format negatives with screenshots from mukbang videos into physical landscape photographs. The complex experience of the works is completed by gentle smacking, crunching or other sound effects taken from the videos. The emphasis on handcraft combined with a shifted reality and a bizarre sonic layer creates a captivating montage of humour and fantasy. (Text by Michal Stolarik)